Kenwal day camp testimonials A-K

Both Frank and Nico, attend Kenwal and have been since they were in 4th grade. They both love it! They have made so many wonderful friends. I adore the fact that they have met kids from different towns throughout Long Island. They even get together outside of camp. It’s nice to know they have a place to go all summer where they are with other kids, they’re active and they’re having fun. And we get to see them too!

With Love,

The Di Angelo Family

Dear Uncle Howie and Kenwal staff,

Jordan loves all the fun and exciting activities Kenwal has to offer, from bun-gee jump and the zip line to gymnastics and drama. The activities that are offered there makes it feel like there is something for everyone. She loves the lake with all the boating activities and the new Water Park she says is fantastic. The drama performances have been amazing for her.

As a parent I love the fact your camp is run by family. It really puts my mind at ease that Kenwal is a family-oriented camp. I like to believe the parents have as much fun if not more at the drama productions and the reunions than the campers do! Kenwal is a very easy-going camp. If there’s ever a concern, it’s taken care of as if it’s no problem at all.

Jordan is looking forward to spending her 3rd year at Kenwal. and I am looking forward to her enjoying her summer at Kenwal.

Best Wishes,


Dear Uncle Howie and Kenwal Staff,

Our daughter went to Camp Kenwal the past three summers and of course she is going back this summer.  As soon as one camp season ends, the countdown begins for the next camp season.  When I asked her why she loves Kenwal so much she answered that she loves the pool and its slides, the 100 foot slide, and the counselors.  She especially likes the way the counselors pull her down and bounce her on the bungee trampoline so that she swings up really high. She is also looking forward to going on trips this coming summer.

We love Kenwal because:

  1. Our daughter always comes home from camp with a big smile on her face.
  2. The counselors are very responsive to us.
  3. We run into friendly Kenwal families at various activities (gymnastics, religious school, school, Brownies).

We are looking forward to another fun summer at Camp Kenwal.


The Blume Family

Dear Uncle Howie & Kenwal Staff,

Although the situation that brought us to Kenwal has been a life changing experience, we are grateful for everything Uncle Howie and the Kenwal staff did for my son and our family last summer. On March 15, my son, , who was 7 at the time, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. We were definitely thrown a curve ball that changed our lives forever. Once we were able to get Thomas’ numbers stable we realized that we would not be able to send him to the camp he had gone to since he was 3 years old. I realized I needed to research and find a camp that had registered nurses on staff. The nurses would need to be available for my son as he was faced with numerous blood glucose checks and shots throughout the day. I was advised by our endocrinologist that there were camps that specialized in dealing with children with diabetes. Although the camps sounded like the perfect place for my son we were not ready to send him to that type of camp. We wanted Thomas to feel like it was just like any other summer with just a few visits to the nurse during the day.

The day we decided to visit Kenwal, we also looked at other camps that just didn’t size up to the Kenwal camp. Uncle Howie took my family around on his golf cart and made us feel very comfortable. He assured us that if we chose Kenwal, Thomas would be fine. He joked around with Thomas and made him feel very special that day. We had one last camp to visit after our visit to Kenwal but we didn’t even make it up the driveway when my son stated “I’m going to Kenwal”. We were delighted that he felt so comfortable so fast. What eventually sealed the deal for us were the numerous phone conversations that I had with Marilyn, the nurse. She assured us that Thomas would be very well taken care and that she had past experience with Diabetes. With help from Veronica, the summer went off without a problem. Marilyn and Veronica dealt with my many phone calls and never made me feel like I was bothering them.

It is very hard for a mother to go through an experience like this and not want to keep her child in a bubble. I wanted to protect him at every moment and keep him safe but that was not realistic and would not benefit anyone in this situation. I knew I had to trust the Kenwal staff. Uncle Howie, office staff, nurses and counselors all created an environment for my son that was safe and fun. It is nice to know that there are people out there that are willing to help when your family is faced with severe changes that make everyday life so very different. I make sure everyone knows where my son goes to camp and I boast about how incredible the activities are. My son looks forward to another great summer at Kenwal. It feels great knowing that Thomas can’t wait to come back to Kenwal and that I am not faced with the stress of finding a camp for Thomas. Thanks again for your ongoing dedication to our children.

See you soon,

The FitzSimons Family

Dear Uncle Howie and Kenwal Staff,

……”We were at a holiday party over the school vacation when the conversation turned to summer camp. It seemed as though most of the local camps; Kenwal, XXXXX day camp, The Y, XXXXXday camp, campXXXX, etc.. were well represented. While everyone was talking about how great their camp was, my husband and I couldn’t help but notice, whenever someone other than a “KENWAL FAMILY MEMBER” was talking, they only spoke about the great “stuff” their camp had…. Whenever someone from Kenwal spoke, they spoke about what a great summer their children had, or how great the Kenwal staff is, or how Kenwal gives the best service hands down…” ” ……the following morning we both agreed, what we love most about Kenwal is, you guys have all the “great stuff”, Bungee trampolines, Zip Lines, Water Parks, Go-Carts etc… but your emphasis is always on the children and finding a way to say “YES” to the parents, so that’s what stands out the most”……..”Keep on doing what you do, and we’ll keep on spreading the word…”

Have a great Winter
With Love,
The Friedman Family

Dear Uncle Howie and Kenwal staff,

Hannah loves all the activities Kenwal has to offer from zip line and the bun-gee jump to gymnastics and dance.  The activities are so varied there is something for everyone. She loves the lake with all the boating activities and the new Water Park she says is “awesome”.  The drama performances have been  a wonderful experience for her.

As parents we love the fact your camp is run by family.  It really comes through that Kenwal is a family oriented camp. We think the parents have as much fun at the drama productions and the reunions as the campers do!

Kenwal is a very easy going camp.  If there’s ever a concern, its taken care of as if it’s no problem at all.  Kenwal staff  really puts a parent at ease.

Hannah is looking forward to spending her 5th year at Kenwal. and we are looking forward to her enjoying her summer at Kenwal.


Susan and Steven Gerber

Dear Kenwal family,

The Gordon family was discussing all the things we have done during this past year.  Averi was telling us how she liked going to New York City.  Cody shared his adventures in soccer.  When we asked them what their favorite thing of all was, they yelled out Camp Kenwal!!!  When they quieted down, We still heard a little voice.  It was Kaylie saying “I go camp Kenwal too. I a big girl now!”

Averi and Cody started out as shy, anxious, non swimmers.  They have turned into secure, outgoing, slight risk taking swimmers.  Camp Kenwal had a lot to do with their growth, development and enrichment.  Kaylie just can’t wait to get a piece of the action!

There is a very comforting feeling about being able to send our kids to camp and know that they are cared for, entertained and engaged in their environment.  They are not just known by their name.  They are known for who they are as people.  Their habits, likes, dislikes and concerns are taken into account in everything they do. So, for this we say thank you Camp Kenwal!  We look forward to many more summers together creating fabulous memories.

The Gordons