Kenwal day camp testimonials L-Z

Dear Uncle Howie and the Kenwal Family,

Our son, Leo went to Camp Kenwal the past two summers and he is excited about going back this summer. As soon as the camp season ends, the clock starts ticking for the next camp season to begin. When I asked him why he loves Kenwal, he answered that he loves the speedway, zipline, the 100 ft slide, and the counselors. He especially likes the way the counselors pull him down and bounce him on the bungee trampoline so that he swings up high like a rocket ship. He is also looking forward to going on trips this summer.

Leo is very excited not only to see his camp friends but the counselors as well. The counselors there are perfect role models for Leo to look up to.

See you soon,

The Valdez Family

Dear Uncle Howie & Kenwal Staff,

My husband and I began looking at day camps in 2009 for our then 4-year old twin girls, Emma & Carly. We chose Kenwal for the small groups and the high ratio of staff to children. Our girls were so little and still very fearful of change and could get overwhelmed very easily. We were all excited about our choice and could not wait for them to begin the camp experience. Then, the first day of camp arrived and they had to get on a bus for the first time.

Unfortunately, we had been away when the bus driver dropped off the paperwork so we did not get to meet the driver or see the bus. Of course the first day of camp always comes with delays and, as we waited for the bus for 20 minutes or so, the girls became that much more anxious.  The girls had never been on any kind of bus, and they were nervous.  We expected a mini-bus, but what finally came was a full size bus that only increased their anxiety.  Then, to compound matters, we had a very hard time getting them into the car seats.  By the time the bus was finally on its way, Emma, Carly & I were all hysterical crying.

I came inside and immediately picked up the phone. I didn’t want to be one of “those” parents on the first day, but my babies just took off and had no idea where they were going. Ann answered the phone and I explained what was going on and how my girls had never been on a bus before and they were so scared to be on this huge bus.  I could have easily been told that I should wait it out and things will be smoother after the first week. Instead, Ann guaranteed me, without hesitation, that she would take care of this for me.

A little while later Ann called me back to inform me that Emma & Carly were happy and playing in their group. Six hours later my girls were driven home in a mini-bus where they would remain the rest of the summer.

We were so appreciative that our concern was not only rectified, but I truly felt that the staff understood where we were coming from and would do anything to make sure my girls felt safe and our minds were at ease.  Whenever people ask us about Kenwal I always make sure to tell them that yes, it is a great camp, but what really makes it special is the people that work there and their commitment to personal service and always putting the kids first.  Needless to say, the girls couldn’t be more excited for their 4th summer and can’t wait for the first day!


Robin Nugent

Both my kids, Jason and Ben, attend Kenwal and have been since they were going into 1st grade.  They both love it!  They have made so many friends.  I love the fact that they have met kids from different towns throughout Long Island.  They even get together outside of camp.  It’s nice to know they have a place to go all summer where they are with other kids, they’re active and they’re having fun.  And we get to see them too!  (I’d miss them too much if they went to sleep away camp.)

Heidi Wolpow